Automotive Environmental Index Topped By Volkswagen

by : Jennifer Dylan

The very popular and reliable J.D. Power and Associates had most recently released the results of one study that they conducted. This one is the study which they call the 2006 Alternative Powertrain Study and as part of this research, you would also find the Automotive Environmental index.

And when you do browse through the study, you would then learn that it was Volkswagen of America, Inc. who topped as the most environmentally friendly automaker in the whole automotive industry. As part of the study, J.D. Power and Associates actually had to go through various pieces of information that can range from the best to the very worst. According to the organization, they were studying which vehicles were the friendliest to the environment through the different car types and ranges. The categories that were part of the study included gasoline powered vehicles, diesel powered vehicles, and those that were hybrids.

Through all the odds and ends of information that J.D. Power and Associates studied and took into consideration, Volkswagen took the top spot among all other auto manufacturers. In fact, the brand had been able to place three of its products - the Jetta, the New Beetle, and the Golf - in the researcher's list of vehicles that had low emissions.

Dr. Wolfgang Bernhard is the chairman of Volkswagen and the Volkswagen brand. Dr. Bernhard says, "The 'Alternative Powertrain Study' is testament to our intensive and global commitment in the area of economic engines. And this innovative strength continues to have an impact, via our range of TDI vehicles. No other manufacturer has sold more diesel cars in the United States and that upward trend continues."

Sure enough, Volkswagen does certainly make sure that the vehicles that they are sending out to the market are simply good looking and perform well. They also do take other factors into consideration, like being friendly to the environment. In fact, the designing of new vehicles does not simply dwell on unique but it does include the capabilities and the effects that the vehicle could have to various elements and things that it comes into contact with.