Roadsters New Marvel is Power Retractable Hard Top

by : Margaret Adams

Due to the popularity of retractable hard top, Mazda Motor Corporation has added its Power Retractable Hard Top (RHT) to its new Roadster lineup which has been fully remodeled last year. The new Roadster features the revolutionary electric roof system that does not reduce the trunk space. Hence, Roadster can still accommodate the loading needs of car owners just like before.

In the past, Roadster has already established an international reputation by winning more than 30 awards around the world. One of the most prestigious awards given to it is the 2005-2006 Japan Car of the Year. To add a dash of prestige to Roadster history, Mazda incorporated to it the Power Retractable Hard Top. The latter provides both the high level of comfort for an open-top sports car and the conventional Roadster "Jinba Ittai".

According to Takao Kijima, Program Manager for the Roadster, "'Jinba Ittai' or 'heart-to-heart communication between a rider and a horse' represents the quintessence of the Roadster that Mazda has pursued since it developed the first model in 1989. With the Power Retractable Hard Top model, the driver and the vehicle can interact with each other as if having a conversation. This stylish and 'Lots of Fun' vehicle allows us to really feel the joy of 'Jinba Ittai'. As a product of Mazda's unique approach, I hope the Roadster Retractable Hard Top will allow more and more people to experience the 'fun' in all aspects of their daily life."

Aside from the "Jinba Ittai" feel, which is brought about by its design using lightweight compact roof, main features of Roadster RHT also include the sophisticated design and pleasant driving experience.

Some aspects of the design such as the flowing shoulder line and side silhouette were derived from the style of its predecessors. However, its roof, rear deck and fender were made bolder and trendier like the .

All-new Roadster also boasts the world's fastest roof operation which only takes 12 seconds. Wind noise is also curtailed and the aero board has been optimized to blend with the new rear deck shape. The latter has been optimized to offer fun open-top driving experience.