Porsche 911 Bags Top Sports Car Commendation

by : Jenny Mclane

Consumer Reports, one of the most valued authorities when it comes to reviews and comparisons regarding different models of cars has announced the top high-performance sports car - . The commendation was released after a number of reviews and comparisons were pored over and analyzed.

Consumer Reports made an in-house testing laboratory. It also considered several aspects aside from the aforementioned. Other aspects include the car's actual performance, acceleration, braking and other capabilities and features.

The famous magazine used different scoring system than that of the accustomed system used to rate minivans, sedans and other vehicle. This fact was stated by David Champion, senior director of Consumer Reports' Auto Test Center. Champion added "While the scoring was still heavily weighted toward safety, including emergency handling, factors like acceleration were given more importance than, for instance, trunk space.

Consumer Reports has also anonymously purchased all the vehicles it tested from retail auto dealers. This is to preclude qualms involving the results of the testing. Though the scoring system employed was different from that of the customary, said scoring is reliable and more efficient.

According to the testing Porsche 911 beat the Chevrolet Corvette Z06, the Dodge Viper and 11 other high-performance luxury sports cars. It was mentioned in CNN that the prices of the cars used ranged from $45,545 for a Lotus Elise to $105,855 for a Mercedes-Benz SL550.

The impressive award is nothing new to Porsche. In fact, said automaker has also bagged the first place as the most prestigious luxury automobile brand. Said award was given by Luxury Institute, New York. The survey of the Institute was conducted in May this year.

Porsche is continuing its legacy as the most luxurious brand and its models complement said label. For Porsche that is the way to go - and the way up is still favorable to said automaker.