Lincolns Flagship is Facing Extinction

by : Pamela Hewitt

Lincoln Town Car is famed for its spacious interiors and emphasis on superb safety. In fact, the 2006 model of such type boasts its best-in-class front and rear hiproom, shoulder room, front headroom and trunk space. Moreover, it has received 5-star rating to all those categories. Further, it has also received the 5-star front crash rating in five years straight starting from the year 2001 to 2005. Despite these achievements, there is a strong allegation from the automotive industry that Lincoln Town Car will soon to vanish. Authorities in the car manufacturing industry are anticipating that this flagship model of Lincoln to be released next year will be the last of its kind.

Town Car is the usual car which can take individuals to airport, chaperone youngsters to prom and transport individuals with a dash of style and performance. It is a luxurious car with rear wheel drive. Nonetheless, among the best is its V-8 power engine. V-8 is a powerful engine that features 239 hp and 287 lb.-ft of torque. This engine is capable of proving smooth acceleration and transition. This is because of its dual exhaust system that controls the power of the car without being raucous.

Rear-drive LS, which is also V8 powered, has vanished from the market. Moreover, Lincoln Town Car is also following the latter's plight. According to some reports, said car is headed out to pasture as early as 2008. Moreover, the would-be replacement for Lincoln Town Car is the all-wheel drive MKS. The latter has a torque V8. Said car is envisioned to compete with the latest lineup of BMW, Cadillac and Mercedes-Benz.

According to Automotive News Ford axed plans to offer a V8 in the MKS. So Lincoln's flagship car will be an all-wheel drive, 6-cylinder sedan. Further, Lincoln will eventually become the American Acura. John K. Teahen Jr., senior editor of Automotive News commented, "There's no way that a V6 can impart the cachet of a V8. And that cachet is what sells luxury cars. It seems to me that Lincoln has officially withdrawn from the luxury car segment."