Porsche 928 - Groundbreaking Prowess Never Wanes

by : Shane Morgay

Porsche 928, which was named 'land shark' due to its ability to eat up the road in less time, is enjoying the limelight as it gets favorable attention from car fanatics of today's time. Aficionados are still flabbergasted by the fastest car in the whole world. Its long existence and rocketing sales are just few of the reasons why Porsche 928 is said to be hotter than before.

Porsche has pioneered lots of technical features in vehicles. Moreover, said features were incorporated in its flagship deluxe coupe. Designed in the year 1971 to eventually replace 911, Porsche 928 was finally released to the public in 1977 at the Geneva Motor Show. Said car was named "International Car of the Year". The car's design was based on the transaxle principle where the engine was placed in front of the car and the gearbox. The extensive testing and experimentation resulted in a car with superb standards in steering, brakes, and suspension.

The car was a front-engined, water-cooled, 4.5 Litre V8 with a rear transaxle. It also has ABS, 2+2 seats, air-conditioning system, polyurethane bumpers, bigger luggage space, and other extras. The production of Porsche 928 comes in 5 series - the 928, 928 S, 928 S4, 928 GT and finally 928 GTS.

In the process, said car went through significant changes. Its shaped was smoothened to augment its aerodynamics. Flush tail lights and new wing were also incorporated in the car to yield better look and performance. To perfect the car, luxurious were added.

When it comes to performance, Porsche 928 has a great weight distribution and a new powerful V8 to do better than other Porches. It is fast, sporty, fun and convenient to drive. Nonetheless, since Porsche 928 is considered a hot car, expect it to be delivered in a hefty price. The model is the most expensive car of Porsche in the market these days.