Safety Standards As Set By Ford

by : Jason Moore

Accidents and crashes have become one of the main causes of death not only in the United States but in other parts of the world as well. That is why many organizations are now also starting up their own campaigns to educate motorists on the proper ways of driving. Safety is indeed important especially while you are on the road.

In this line, the Ford Motor Company is also concerned about the changing trends in driving. That is why it is now set on providing the motoring world with new ways of keeping everybody safe and sound while driving. This, of course, does not just include the right kind of and the like. According to the company, they are now doing their own research on new safety belt technologies that could prove to be the next kind of safety devices.

According to sources, the company is planning on sending out to the public safety belts that makes use of a four point design which is just like a belt and suspenders. Instead of just using three points, this one would hold four. On the same note, the company is also researching on another type of safety belt of the future which has an air bag stowed away in the belt itself. So you would be having a safety belt and an air bag in one.

Dr. Priya Prasad is a technical fellow for the Safety Division of Ford. Dr. Prasad explains, "A number of technical challenges still need to be overcome before implanting these restraint systems. If we are successful in implementing these technologies, we will be redefining the nature of future occupant restraint systems." He even further assesses the situation by saying, "Even with the variety of advanced features and technologies offered on today's vehicles, the single most important piece of safety technology in a car or truck today remains the safety belt. That's why we're working hard to further improve safety belt and restraint technologies in the future - and offering more standard safety features in our 2007 model year products."