Super Cars

by : Jonathon Hardcastle

Man's thrill for speed can best be satiated with super-cars. Super-cars were made to give a taste of new extremes to mankind. They have powerful engines specially build lighter bodies which allow them to reach high maximum speeds at amazing accelerations.

Modern Super-cars are more reliable than older ones. They use new technology to make them less threatening to the environment; new exhaust converters, comparatively lower ignition engines etc. They are now made with safer gadgets and bodies to keep not only the people inside them safe but also those run over by them. All this, just to build a better future for our children and a safer and cleaner tomorrow. But we are talking about Super-cars here, so that's just not the point.

Super-cars are supposed to be much faster and fearsome than ordinary cars. Though they still are all that, but compared to the Super-cars of the past made almost fifteen years ago they are slightly slower now. The modern Super-cars have so much more technology that even if you hit the brake the computer inside the car calculates the speed and traction control and then brake the car making the response time slower than older Super-cars; in which the car did exactly what and when you told it to do. Fifteen years ago Mclaren proved that they had the technology to cross the 240 mph speed mark. Though Porche have the same technology to achieve that goal, somehow for some strange reason they held back from doing so. In some old Super-cars like the Ferrari F40 there were no door handles, no radio and no carpets and all these things made it a lot lighter. The F40 could go from naught to 60 in 3.2 seconds which almost no modern super-car can accomplish. New modern cars on the other hand have a lot of gadgets but they only serve as distractions. When you are in a super-car is drive and drive fast. Older Super-cars are still much faster than the new contemporary ones.

Environmental agencies and government regulations have made Super-cars of today have made them impotent vis-Ã?-vis there cousins from a decade ago and at the same time have killed the very purpose of engineering and driving a super car.