2007 Toyota Prius Gets New Touring Edition

by : Tom Bailey

What is the best selling hybrid vehicle in the United States?

You must be out of the loop if you do not know that it is the Toyota Prius Hybrid. And not only is it selling well in the United States, it is also one of the fastest selling and most popular hybrid vehicles in the world.

The name 'Prius' actually is a Latin word which means 'first' or 'before'. And it is the right name for this vehicle for the Toyota Prius is the very first hybrid vehicle in the world that went through the production and has been marketed in the auto industry. The first time it went on sale was back in the year 1997 in Japan but it was sold throughout the various auto markets in the world only in the year 2001. This vehicle is the creation of the Toyota Motor Company and holds .

Jim Lentz, the executive vice president for the company's sales in the United States, explains, "Prius was already the most successful hybrid car in the market, and the rising gasoline prices seen in 2006 have only added to its appeal. Toyota is the market leader in hybrid vehicles, and we are committed to expanding this technology."

Now for the year 2007, the Toyota Prius would be coming to the market quite refreshed and would also be having a new version with it. You should take time to meet the Toyota Prius Touring Edition version. As per the basic Toyota Prius, you would find safety upgrades like side airbags that are mounted on the seats of the driver and the front passenger. There would also be additional side curtain airbags for the front and the rear. If you would remember, these were given out as options in the past models of the vehicle.

As per the Toyota Prius Touring Edition, this version would give consumers in the auto market a chance to own a hybrid vehicle that holds more features and a higher capacity to give you and your passengers a spirited driving experience. After all, it would be coming with Bridgestone® Turanzaâ„?EL40002â„? tires that would surely make car lovers and aficionados swoon. This version would also be equipped with a suspension that has been European-tuned as well as alloy wheels that measures some 16 inches.

According to Michael Martini, "The Bridgestone Turanza EL40002 is a low-rolling resistance tire which enhances the hybrid's capabilities while providing performance and touring tire comfort. This fitment is a result of our global company's long-standing relationship with Toyota, and we look forward to continuing our role as a primary original equipment supplier to Toyota's line of outstanding vehicles." Martini is the president of the tire division of Bridgestone.