The $250 M Ford Russian Investment

by : Jason Moore

$250 million is surely a big amount. But it seems to be worth everything for the Ford Motor Company. In fact, this auto manufacturer from Dearborn, Michigan has decided on investing $250 million for production of new cars and vehicles in Russia. This is according to a statement released by the Economic Development and Trade Ministry of Russia.

The company has decided on investing a huge amount as part of the investment agreement that it went into. The production of new Ford vehicles and cars would be done in the province of Vsevolzhsk which is located in the northwestern part of Russia. And according to the agreement, Ford would be investing the amount on the production and assembly of the Ford Mondeo and the Ford Maverick. As much as parts are also important, are not part of the agreement and would not be produced in the country.

The Ministry further states, "The planned volume of additional investment under the project will amount to $250 million." And so far, the Ford Motor has already invested ninety two per cent of the agreed amount. It still has to add up some $20 million more to complete their part of the investment.

The plant in Vsevolzhsk would be also completed and once ready, it would soon be able to create and produce some 30,000 Ford Mondeo units. Along with that, it would also be making 20,000 Ford Maverick vehicles. The plant in Russia is also producing Ford Focus cars and the company plans on increasing the units completed from the current 60,000 to an additional 40,000 Ford Focus units.

The Ford Mondeo is also marketed under other names like the Ford Contour and the Mercury Mystique and it has been in production since 1993. It is a midsized vehicle built as a hatchback, wagon, and sedan. As per the Ford Maverick, this vehicle has been produced since the 1970s.