Watch Out for the 2007 Mercedes Benz Gl450

by : Stacey Wilson

Mercedes Benz would soon be offering the 2007 Mercedes Benz GL450. This vehicle was supposed to be taking over the spot that the Mercedes Benz G Wagen is holding. However, it seems like the brand thinks that maybe the two can bring in more sales for the company. Now, those who are out for the G Wagen can still find the vehicles in the Mercedes Benz line up alongside the Mercedes Benz GL450.

Just like any other Mercedes Benz vehicle, you sure can find top quality and really refined mounted and used by the 2007 Mercedes Benz GL450. And as a sport utility vehicle, this vehicle sure is one luxurious automobile. It offers the market a wide range of extra features and additional refinements that you would not be surprised to find in a Mercedes Benz car. Taking a ride inside this vehicle would give you the feeling like you are just at home, taking a comfortable seat and just plain relaxing. And to add to that, you might even forget that you are in a vehicle for you can make use of the DVD screens found at the headrests. Top that for SUV luxury.

The vehicle also offers a very smooth ride. After all, beneath the hood, you would find a 4.6 liter V8 engine. And making the ride even smoother is the seven speed automatic transmission. And this huge sport utility vehicle that weighs some 5249 pounds can even zoom from zero to a speed of 60 miles per hour in just 6.8 seconds. This simply illustrates the power and capabilities that the 2007 Mercedes Benz GL450's engine has to offer.

For features, the package even includes adjustments for the front seats. You can also lower the third row seats with just a touch of the button. And yes, these seats come in leather. It also comes with a three-zone climate control system.