Will There Be A Shortage Of Mazda Vehicles?

by : Kimberly Meyer

The Mazda Motor Corporation transports its ships to its various markets all around the globe through ships. And when one of the ships that is carrying the precious cargo of Mazda rolls over in the middle of the vast ocean, it sure would mean a delay. So for a short period of time, many markets and Mazda dealers around the globe would have to make do with the products that they have right now.

A couple of days ago, the Cougar Ace, which is the carrier of Mazda cars and vehicles to the continent of North America, tipped over in the Pacific Ocean and now lies on one of its sides. So Mazda is yet unsure as to what could now happen because of this. Sure enough, the markets would have to wait for the new cars but good thing for Mazda owners for were not included in the shipped goods.

There were some 4,700 Mazda vehicles inside the Cougar Ace. Good thing, there were no member crews that were harmed during the said incident. However, because the ship was quite heavy, the US Coast Guard had to rescue 23 of the member crews in the middle of the ocean.

The shipment aboard the Cougar Ace was those that were destined to Mazda markets in Vancouver, British Columbia as well as Tacoma, Washington and Ventura, California. This was the statement given out by Jeremy Barnes, who is the current spokesperson for Mazda.

Taking the greater share of vehicles aboard the cargo ship were models of the Mazda 3 line. And it sure would take much effect on the sales of the auto maker. After all, the Mazda 3 is the best selling vehicle for them. Another huge portion of the total Mazda vehicles in the ship were units of the 2007 Mazda CX-7 which is the company's newest vehicle to hit the market and which was supposed to go speeding off to compete against other crossover sport utility vehicles in the market.