Ford On The Move Towards Bringing Up Pickup Truck Sales

by : Jason Moore

Going back to the Ford Motor Company history, the line up of pickup trucks from this company actually has been the flagship among all vehicle line ups. And for Ford, losing a great deal in sales for this line also means a huge amount of loss for their entire sales. Due to the recent and continuous increase of gas and fuel prices, auto consumers have been leaning towards more fuel efficient cars and vehicles and heading away from pick up trucks which have been known to be efficient transporters of people and cargo but low on miles per gallon of gas.

And now, the company is out to make sure that the automotive world does not forget about the Ford pickup trucks. As part of this move, they have made sure that auto consumers would be getting more perks if they do opt to buy a pickup truck. This tactic has been used by many dealers who also offer - more incentives to equate to more sales. And the Ford F-Series pickup trucks can now be purchased with more incentives.

According to Lydia Cisaruk, the spokesperson for the company, this kind of incentive for the Ford F-series pickup trucks has been selected to run as part of the company's 'Drive On Us' campaign on boosting up sales. Since last Friday, anyone interested in purchasing a new Ford F-series pickup truck could avail of discounts which could range from $500 up to a $1000 which is, of course, a huge savings for anyone. However, the whole promo would only be available up until the last day of this month.

The Ford F-series pickup trucks have been in production since 1948. It has been built as a full size pickup truck. The Chevrolet Silverado, Nissan Titan, Dodge Ram, and Toyota Tundra have been those vehicles which the Ford F-series have considered as competition in the market.