Lexus Unveils New Lexus GS LE

by : Stacey Wilson

During the recently concluded British International Motor Show, the Toyota brand, Lexus, unveiled and introduced to the motoring public a limited edition model of one of its cars. The event became the venue for everybody interested to know about the Lexus GS LE, with LE standing for Limited Edition.

The Lexus brand has been around since 1991 and runs under the Toyota Motor Company. And the Lexus GS offers the market luxury cars that are midsized and they usually produce sedans with four doors. It can be easily spruced up for there are tons of in the market already. The Lexus GS is a rear wheel drive vehicle. In Japan, this vehicle is also marketed there however it goes by another name which is the Toyota Aristo.

As per the new Lexus GS LE, this new vehicle was more or less based on the current Lexus GS 300 SE model. But of course, the limited edition car would have additional features and enhancements to offer. The interior has been created to be different and the exterior has also been adjusted to look atypical. The changes for the exterior of the Lexus GS LE include enhancements in the body style. You can include in the list the new 18-inch alloy wheels with five spokes. You also can find a boot lip spoiler which has aerodynamic features. Adding to the list are a front spoiler and some side skirts which have even been extended more.

And then there is the interior of the Lexus GS LE. Take a seat in the cabin and feel the comfort and luxury that perforated leather upholstery can give you. Yes, the limited edition model of the Lexus GS has leather seats which are soft gray in color. Also added are dark wood inserts made especially for the doors of the vehicle. And take a look at the floor mats for you would notice that these have also been custom designed for a completely unique vehicle.