Car Clubs Offer Excellent Tips and Deals

by : Tim Shank

Whether you own the car of your dreams or you simply dream about owning the car of your dreams, joining a car club related to that particular car is a must. We have found that car clubs are a great way to network, meet others with similar interests and to get deals on cars and accessories.

Many people think that car clubs are simply for those people who want or have a tricked out ride with all the chrome their car can hold. This is definitely not true. From searching car clubs and information about car clubs, we found clubs available for anything from lowriders, monster trucks and motorcycles to luxury and high end vehicles. It seems that car clubs carry a stigma to be more for teenagers dreaming of owning a tricked out ride whereas they are really for anyone of any age who has a love of cars.

What do you get when you join a car club? This varies from club to club, but we have found a few things that are more prevelant. Many of the clubs have a monthly newsletter that will notify you of new products and accessories, cars for sale and upcoming car events. There is also gear that you can buy related to that car including t-shirts, hats, key chains, travel mugs and water bottles. You typically get a discount on these items if you belong to these clubs. If the club has a website, you can join the forum to share information about things you have done to your car as well as solicit advice from others.

If you are a car collector or are planning to purchase a car, car clubs can also help you find good deals. We know of one man who is a member of the S2000 club. After graduating from college, he decided to downsize in cars for a couple of years. Now that he owns his own business, he wanted to purchase another S2000. Through people he met at the car club he was able to find an awesome deal on a used one.

Car club memberships also make great gifts for the people we know who have everything. We have done this for a father-in-law who just purchased a Mini Cooper and a cousin who is into Lowriders. They both loved the gift and enjoy getting the newsletters and buying car gear for themselves.

So, whether you are driving a luxury car or cruising in your tricked out Honda, there is a car club just waiting for you. You can join for a small fee, but the perks, discounts and networking make it all well worth it. If, on the off chance, you can't find a car club that fits your needs, consider starting your own. Chances are there are others out there who would love to join the club and swap car tips and information with each other.