Using OEM Mercedes Parts

by : Vishal Sampat

Do you find yourself avoiding your beloved shiny Mercedes, because it has gotten a little cranky over time? Have you noticed performance issues creeping into your Mercedes?

Even the classy and reliable workhorse, your Mercedes, needs to be serviced at regular intervals. If you have noticed that your Mercedes struts and shocks just don't cushion your ride anymore, then maybe, it's time to replace them.

After a few years of driving your Mercedes, if you have begun to notice your radiator flakes apart, when touched, then don't be surprised when your radiator fails without warning, leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere. RADIATOR NECK FAILURE is a common problem for the Mercedes radiator manufactured with plastic tanks. Also, if you notice your car overheating, over a longer drive, then your radiator may be clogged, and might need to be replaced.

The following noises mean some of the parts of your Mercedes might need replacement:

A small vibration, when your car shifts from first gear, into second gear. The driveshaft of your Mercedes comes equipped with a universal joint. When this joint gets worn out, it may cause a vibration noise that becomes more pronounced when there are people sitting at the back of the car. The flex disks that connect your drive shaft to the back of the transmission and the front of the differential may also cause a thumping sound, when your car rolls to a stop. Splitting, or reinforcement fibers sticking out of your flex disk, is a sign that it has worn out. The centre bearing supports can also wear out, causing a high-pitched sound at cruising speeds.

A sharp, startling sound, like a gun shotThis probably means that your Mercedes is backfiring. An air/fuel mixture generally causes this behavior. A clogged monolithic converter blowing through could also cause it
A heavy bumping sound, softer than a clang. This probably means that your struts and shocks are loose, or have worn out and need replacement.

When you step out to replace any of the parts above, or any other parts of your Mercedes like power steering pump, driveshaft and axle, muffler and exhaust, or diesel injection , etc. Only use aftermarket parts of the highest quality or OEM parts. OEM are made exactly to the specifications of the manufacturer and these OEM help you preserve the unique qualities that make up your Mercedes.