Beat That Speeding Ticket

by : Anik Singal

The 100% true way to beat a speeding ticket is to just never get one right? But, let's face it - if you drive the speed limit ALL the time you'll go nuts.

Everyone (at some point) in their life is going to get a speeding ticket. You just need to make sure to take the time now to learn how to immediately get out of the speeding ticket.

Today, with all the different technology that police officers are using, it is becoming almost impossible to not get caught and get that speeding ticket. Police officers are literally hiding behind corners with laser/radar and tag teaming multiple cars at once.

To get out of a speeding ticket, there are two scenarios:

1.You get out of the speeding ticket right when it is being given to you (example/ coming up with the perfect excuse as to why you were speeding, apologizing and getting away with a warning).

2.You go to court and get the speeding ticket taken off.

To be honest, the easier and safer bet is #1. If you end up going to court for the speeding ticket, you are more than likely to walk away having to pay SOMETHING. However, even if you do have to go to court, there are still strategies you can use to get away with the speeding ticket.

First of all, if a police officer pulls you over for speeding, you need to have an entire story that checks out ready to go. If you are going to use someone else in your story, they need to know before-hand that they may one day get a phone call from an officer to check on a story.

Second of all, do NOT be a smart ass - you need to be very polite and look shocked. Sincerity is going to be the main thing here.

Third of all, ASK for the warning instead of ticket. Show a bit of panic and say that you really cannot afford the ticket and that you will be very careful from then on. Sometime, just asking for the warning can make all the difference - it certainly cannot hurt!

Now, if you're caught in position #2 - the best bet is to try to get your court date changed. This means, whatever date they send you - send a reason back why you cannot make it and ask for a change. Many times police officers will not show up to court if they only have 1 or 2 cases - if that happens, you are HOME FREE.

To learn more in-depth strategies, I highly recommend reading "Beat My Speeding Ticket"