They will buy you $100.00 worth of Gas

by : Howard Young

With average gas prices hovering around $3.00 per gallon, youwill run across all sorts of offers and gimmicks offering freegas. Keep in mind that these marketing tactics are meant toignite your attention by playing on your emotions.

Gasoline and oil are important commodities to the economy, butthe bottom line is your pocket book. Gasoline offers should beconsidered as cash incentives that basically amount to adiscount.

An example of this is where they willbuy you $100.00 worth of gas with the . If you are in themarket for extending your auto warranty, a $100 discount is agreat incentive whether you take it as gas or cash.

Some auto dealers have started offering free gas just for testdriving new cars. While this does offset the cost of driving tothe dealer, it hardly makes up for your valuable time. Considerusing researching the first and then negotiate for freegas to drive in to test drive their car. This way you will get agreat price on the car if you like it and free gas to go if youdon't.

There are countless other prizes and giveaways offering freegas. Use your time and resources wisely to save money and do notget emotional with the skyrocketing gasoline prices.

(c) 2005 by Howard Young

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