Get Wise !!

by : Jerry Christopher

A New Teleseminar is Giving the Used-car Salesman a Run for HisMoney! offers to the public a highly affordableteleseminar on how to avoid being taken for a ride. From thecomfort of home, a consumer can learn how to check for a varietyof signs that suggest a car has been damaged, improperlymaintained or even wrecked.

Everyone has at least one used-car horror story. At one time oranother you've been gypped, suckered, taken... or fooled out ofthousands of dollars. No sooner had the car been driven out ofthe lot, did something fail miserably. Now, with the help ofUSEDCARWISE.COM, the average consumer can become one savvycar-buyer.

Jerry Christopher, a former service director of a GM, import,and luxury car dealership, developed USEDCARWISE.COMteleseminars with all of us in mind. His consumer-centeredseminars "show-and-tell" anyone how to check any used car forall those little things that we "would have, could have andshould have" learned about before buying that last used car.

Today's automotive consumers will be interested to know thatthere are a myriad of little tell-tale signs throughout a usedcar that will tell us how often the car was driven, how well ithas been maintained, if the car had been damaged in a number ofpossible ways, and even whether or not it has been in anaccident. It's as simple as knowing where to look and what tolook for. Are you wondering if the car was repainted to hidedamage? There is a tool that can measure this! Furthermore,Jerry teaches his clients about why they shouldn't makecar-buying decisions based solely on vehicle history reports andused car certifications.

After an information-packed 90-minute USEDCARWISE.COM seminar,complete with handouts and a question-answering consultation onhow to examine a used car with a more critical eye, the publicwill all breathe easier knowing that people can now buy a usedcar with the utmost confidence. Moreover, Jerry gives all hisstudents a 100% money-back guarantee. Says Jerry of deceitfulpractices in used car sales: "While I am proud of my industry, Ifeel disappointed in those who feel they need to use dishonestmeans to sell used cars."

To register for the next teleseminar or to recommend it to afriend, visit You may also contact JerryChristopher for additional information at 1 866 374 WISE (9473)or at his cell (318) 308-8511.


Jerry Christopher created as a forum in which toshare his extensive automotive knowledge and expertise. Drawingfrom 26 years of automotive industry experience, he now helpspeople of all backgrounds and abilities to make smarterautomotive-buying decisions.