Fuboon to our Environment: an Alternative El

by : Abhinav Sidana

As the dawn of urban civilization pollution is increasing at exponential rate creating lots of trouble to mankind which results into high consumption of oxygen ultimately diminishing level of oxygen in the environment. Day by day the level of oxygen is lowering down that its threatening the survival of mankind As now days the level of oxygen has declined to as low as 6 - 7% from the original level of 21% in the air in some parts of the world like Japan & Tokyo. The decline of oxygen level beyond this limit will be fatal for human race and will create the severe living condition for each one of us on this planet. So, again the human intellect has proven its excellence in finding a solution to such a dreadful problem and discovered the phenomenon of running car on water through an electrolytic process, which contributes into oxygen supply in the atmosphere as compared to other fuel sources which even consume this gas or leave the air as such without any benefit to it. This motive only makes it the fuel for future. As this technology doesn't contribute to global warming like other gasoline fuels, definitely using this technology will also serve towards the protection of environment. Running car with this technique by using water not only save our atmosphere but also save its user's pocket also from ever-escalating gas costs, thus making it the obvious option.

Till now gasoline was the only option available but now it's on the choice of users they can switch to more appropriate option like running the car with new technique by using water as this method converts water down into Brown's gas, which also is a perfect fuel for gasoline engines,. This is the known fact that there is a lot of thermo chemical energy in gasoline, but on comparing gasoline with brown's gas it was found that there is even more energy in water. As ,the Department of Energy has cited about 40% of energy in this fuel.

Forlornly, this shows that most of the gasoline fuel used is only to cool down the combustion process, a pollution-ridden but this new technique will be producing H20 steam (water vapor) and unburnt O2 (Oxygen). Hence, this will be cleaning the environment, rather than dumping nauseous toxins into it. Plus contribution to the deteriorating supply of atmospheric oxygen is an added advantage. As oxygen is supplied to environment by conversion of surplus vapor in the reaction to oxygen.
It's turn for any driver to become environment saver by simply using this technique and emitting water vapor in place of toxic chemicals into the air which will contribute in saving our planet; Earth.