Lamborghini - the Ultimate Performance Car

by : Smiley Webb

The high performance Lamborghini sports car is very popular for its aggressive look and speed. Lamborghini produces the world's best and exciting sports cars. Some of the best known Lamborghini S.P.A. models are the Diablo, the Countach, the Gallardo and the Murcielago.

In 1963 Ferrucio Lamborghini founded the car company and located his factory in an Italian village Sant'Agata Bolognese. Though initially he was a tractor manufacturer, he developed interest in sports cars and after seeing high performance cars like Ferraris and Maseratis he built his own sports car the Lamborghini. Lamborghini, an independent Company after becoming bankrupt in 1978 was bought by Chrysler and became a subsidiary of German Audi AG in the year 1998.

Murcielago R-GT's Le Mans version is considered as the fastest Lamborghini with 370 km/h. speeds . The Murcielago LP640 is considered as the fastest street model from Lamborghini with 340 km/h. speeds. Both Lamborghini models have V12 engine and are above 6000 cc. The old models of Lamborghini like the Diablo, the Countach and now the current model Murcielago have the familiar scissor doors rotating forward and up on hinges near the front door. Till 1989 all the Lamborghini models were produced with at least a V8 engine. Most of the Lamborghini models have the legendary V12 engine, the new model Gallardos have V10 engines. A low stance of the Lamborghini car has increased aerodynamic qualities with big tires digging into tarmac. The qualities of Lamborghini make it a perfect performance car. Driving a Lamborghini is like driving an F-1 race car and no special training is required. Though a Lamborghini is costly, still many people enjoy the thrill in its unforgettable driving experience with pure power and speed on race tracks or highway. The car has superb acceleration, high performance through the turns and runs in a safe environment.

Lamborghini Mucealago, named after a bull, has special features with 640 BHP, 6.5 l V12 engine, 665 Nm torque and a 4 wheel drive. The car reaches 100 km/hr. within 3.4 seconds and when the foot is kept on the gas pedal, this car will go non stop at 340 km/h. The 12 cylinder engine has a gas tank which can carry 100 liters. The traditionally designed car has 2 doors, 2 seats coupe and mid mounted engine. Gear box is placed in the front with optimal weigh distribution 42% front and 58% rear with special effects on braking, handling and traction. The carbon fiber body ensures the security of Lamborghini with roof, steel doors, tubular frame made of steel alloy and structural parts made of carbon fiber. Power vacuum, ventilated discs, aluminium alloy calipers, carbon ceramic brakes with front rear 6 piston break calipers are the salient specifications of the car.

Lamborghini Gallardo is considered the world's tenth fastest car. This entry level car is the first of its kind with a huge Lamborghini V10 engine producing 520 horsepower. The engine takes 13.65 seconds to go from a speed of 0 to 100 km per hour. The Gallardo also takes 4 seconds, to go from 0 - 60 mph making it a faster model than the Murcielago.