What Can Be Done About the High Gas Prices?

by : Ron Subs

We've all watched them over the past several months and the gas prices just continue to get higher and higher. So what can we do? We don't want to be dependent on foreign oil anymore, so the option of walking, riding a bicycle, etc is only a temporary solution to our problem. However there are two viable solutions. One is to purchase a hybrid hydrogen or water powered car. The second is to convert your current vehicle into a water powered car. This solution is probably the least expensive of the two solutions. There are several kits on the market, which will enable you to convert you vehicle into a water powered vehicle. You will need to make sure you purchase your kit from a reputable dealer. The kits are simple to install and is just as easy to remove should you want to revert back to gas powered.

The first water powered car was created in 1805 before the creation of gasoline came about in the 1870s. So t he technology for water powered cars has been around for over two centuries. Because the creators have all met with some untimely deaths, t here are speculations as to why and who.

It has been reported by those who are driving the water powered cars their gas mileage has increased by 100%. This is just one of the many benefits of the water powered car. These cars also produce and emit less carcinogens in the air than their gas powered counterparts. Using water powered cars are environmentally friendly. It we release fewer and fewer carcinogens the air will be cleaner, the ozone will heal and global warming will cease. One of the other benefits to using water as fuel in our vehicles is the fact these cars are very quiet and have no vibrations when they are running. Also you might want to remember that hydrogen is the most plentiful element on this earth because it is in the form of water.

If you are skeptical as to whether or not water powered cars actually work, some truck drivers have already converted their trucks to use water as fuel. The freight trucks do a lot of traveling. Our stores would not have any products on their shelves, if the freight trucks did not bring them merchandise. The freight trucks are the lifeline of this country. Life would be much harder on us if the freight trucks stop running. Some models of cars have been made to use water as fuel. So the idea is becoming more and more popular.