11 Tips To Keep Your Car Running Smooth

by : Caleb Anderson

Auto care is vital for a vehicle to operate smoothly and always remain in a good condition. Automobile owners as such, need to pay attention toward the maintenance of their vehicles. Lack of attention on their part hampers the performance and quality of the engine causing grave maintenance problems. Non-availability of spare parts further adds to this problem.

Recent studies note, five percent of fatalities related to motor vehicles are due to negligence of automobile maintenance. Auto care extends the life of an automobile, ensures a safer movement and contributes to a healthy environment.

Auto care means keeping the engine in tune so the owner saves on money as well as time. Tuning up the engine at fixed intervals helps in keeping it run smoothly, addresses other electrical and mechanical problems in the engine and is economical. If an engine is encountering problems, it is advisable that owners take it to a technician, who will locate the exact cause and suggest an appropriate solution. Skip the idea of having it checked by a service provider for the tune up.

Auto Care Tips:

Automobile owners need to care for their vehicle right from the date of its purchase and have a little bit knowledge of its engine. Often, service providers take vehicle owners for a ride cheating on them and the owners have to shell out a huge amount on fixing a minor engine problem.

Tuning up the engine, as part of auto care, includes replacing the ignition wires, spark plugs, PCV (positive crankcase ventilation valve), air filters and fuel. In addition, auto care calls for testing ignition system, servicing injectors and fuel system and resetting engine timing.

Consider following tips so the engine stays tuned up and the vehicle performs well:

1.For auto care by self, it is ideal for automobile owners to refer the user manual for fixing certain minor problems within the engine. As a thumb rule, change the oil filter on a regular basis, each 3,000-4,000 miles.

2.Checking the tire inflation is a part of auto care. Tires, which are under-inflated, result in loss of fuel efficiency. This is one cheap form of safety and preventive maintenance. Check the tires every month.

3.Check all the fluids that include power steering, brake, antifreeze and windshield washer solvent and transaxle/transmission, since these fluids ensure safety and good performance of a vehicle and are an important measure of auto care.

4.Since a restricted fuel injector/polluted spark plug reduces the efficiency of fuel by 30%, an automobile owner has to be cautious while tuning up the engine.

5.Clean the battery posts and cables when needed and check the same for corrosion. Besides, check battery fluids and fill them if low except for batteries that are maintenance-free.

6.For auto care, inspect engine belts always since worn belts are likely to affect performance of the engine. See if these belts have developed any cracks and try fixing the problem.

7.Lubricate the chassis often, since it extends life of engine components.

8.Check the lighting system including turn signals, taillights, brake and headlights.

9.Automobile owners need to check washer blades of the windshield for tears and cracks and replace them once in every year.

10.As a step toward auto care, always check for air filtration system in the engine. Owners need to do this at every oil change for confirming if there is any damage or clogging. It ensures better functioning of the vehicle.

11.Always keep the user manual handy. No matter whether the engine is minor or major, the moment it gives any problem, owners may refer the same for fixing temporary problems before taking the vehicle to a qualified technician.