Can I Improve Gas Mileage? Reduce Gas & Increase Mileage by 50%

by : Michael Ingles

Everyday a barrel of gas hits another record high causing the price of gas to skyrocket. So the million dollar question is "Can I improve gas mileage"? The answer is YES and it is much easier and affordable then you think.

Economists predict a gallon of gas to only increase as global demand raises. At some point one has to take action and search for alternate fuel or methods such as hydrogen generators for cars and trucks to alleviate the monthly cost of gas.

That is exactly what my wife and I did. We did our research online and ran across a Hydrogen Generator DIY website that provided step-by-step plans how to build your own hydrogen generator using materials found at your local hardware store.

Between my wife's SUV and my car we were spending around $600 a month and knew we had to do something so we took the dive and purchased the DIY guide.

For under $125.00 including the guide we were able to build our first hydrogen generator. The water for gas guide was very detailed which made building and installation a breeze. I am not good with cars so I was a bit worried but everything was very well laid out.

We decided to install the unit on my wife's gas guzzler SUV due to only getting around 16 Mpg. Over the next week we tracked our mileage and fuel consumption and were shocked to see her average mileage jump from 16 Mpg to 24 Mpg in the city and from 24 Mpg to 31 Mpg on the highway...wooohooo!!! Can I improve gas mileage...absolutely.

Who would have thought that ordinary water can give you better gas mileage...actually the hydrogen generator kit uses water to produce HHO or Brown Gas that increases the efficiency at which the fuel burns thus increasing your mileage.

Gasoline and diesel engines today waste gas because they do not fully burn all the fuel during the combustion process. Adding water molecules to the mix creates a more efficient combustion producing more power. The end result is your car or truck produces more power with less fuel consumption....saving you gas and improving mileage up to 50%.

Enough of the technical jargon...all I know is it works but I do not recommend building a hydrogen generator on your own without any guidance from a manual as you could do more harm rather then good.

They're a hand full of websites online that provide good documentation how to construct a hydrogen generator for your car or truck at a very affordable price that will pay for itself in no time. My wife and I did our do diligence researching a dozen of these websites. We purchased many but were disappointed with the instructions.

Many failed to provide detailed instructions that ordinary people can comprehend without being a mechanic. We were able to get our money back so it was not a total loss but we did find one is very well documented and easy to follow. Another huge plus was the photos to help guide you every step of the way. This is the one we used and have continued to pass on to our friends and family.