Secrets of Car Maintenance

by : Abir Roychowdhury

Car is one of the most essential things. It is something that people use on a regular basis. Car can take us to any place within a short span of time. Such a useful thing needs to be handled properly. Maintaining the car is very important. Maintenance determines the longevity as well as the performance of a car. Maintenance is not only about cleaning the car and painting the car to keep it shiny. You need to take care of all the parts of the car. The parts inside the bonnet need more attention as these parts determine the performance of your car. These parts need routine maintenance. Take your car to the service station on a regular basis.

If you don't get the time to take your car to the service station quite often you can go through the owner's manual. This will help you to maintain the car yourself. Checking the battery, changing the oil are things that you should not avoid. Checking the electrical system is equally important.

For maintaining a car properly you should follow a few simple steps such as:

&bull Rotate the tires after every 8,000km.
&bull Change the tire for a new one if needed.
&bull Keep tires aligned and inflated.
&bull Check the tire pressure at least once in a week. Bad tyre pressure also affects the fuel economy.
&bull Don't forget to clean brake dust regularly. Use clean cold water to do away with brake dust.
&bull Check the rubber drive belts that are there in front of the engine. After 50,000 miles the rubber drive belts should be replaced.
&bull Use the grade of motor oil according to the recommendation of the manufacturer.
&bull You can check the oil level yourself. In this way u will be able to understand whether the engine needs oil.
&bull Checking the coolant level is also very important.
&bull Battery terminals are also needed to be checked.
&bull Go for regular engine tune-ups.
&bull The lights also demand regular checking.
&bull Change clogged air filters regularly.
&bull Wash your car on a regular basis.
&bull Wax it occasionally.
&bull Always use original parts.

Even if you check your car parts regularly it is necessary that your car gets inspected by a mechanic. This should be done at least once in a year. Some of the parts of the car can not be inspected visually. The mechanical inspection will cover these parts such as brakes, suspension and so on.

If you find anything wrong with your car go for servicing immediately. This will save you from further harassment. It will also save your money. If you notice any unusual noise, shimmer, vibration, leak or warning light while driving take your car to a garage without any delay.

You can maintain a log book, where you can keep the details regarding the maintenance, routine check-up and repairing of the car. However following these tips are not enough. You should also remember a few things while driving. You should avoid rash driving in order to save your car from any kind of damage.

Maintenance of a car will help you in various ways. A properly maintained car ensures safe and smooth driving.