Does Your Car Reminds of Road Rage?

by : Freddic

Bumper stickers on another automobile may predict road rage, find the researchers at the Colorado State University. So if you don't want to get into trouble you might wanna watch out for those harmless looking bumper stickers.

Apparently, the message on the sticker doesn't matter, so even if the message reads like "make peace, not war," the person behind the wheel could be more prone to road rage. And this could be anything from honking, tailgating, getting angry quickly, or any other type of aggressive behavior.

Furthermore, the stickers are symbolic of "territorial markers," that are associated with animals. The reasoning goes that since animals are territorial as it aided them to survive, and humans are animals too they display similar behaviors.

What's more intriguing is that road rage becomes more likely as the number of stickers increase. At the same time bumpers aren't the only place where people put stickers on. The rule applies whether they're placed on bumpers or any other exterior automotive accessories, hoods, panels, license plates, all are included.

The new study now brings to light a surprising new way people can avoid road rage. There are other ways too, to avoid road rage. Some of them are, not to look into the eyes of the a driver who's driving badly as it can make it look like you're expressing displeasure at the person, or staring at him. Not showing aggression yourself either by gestures, or excessive honking or by any other means.

Further, when things do get confrontational, apologizing and maintaining your calm does help. Some studies have also shown that humor also helps to pacify a mildly aggressive person, but it might backfire when one is raging aggressive.