Best Car Lease Deal: 2008 Bmw 3-series

by : Daniel Lamb

No car-manufacturing company has ever managed to package these cars' updated attributes in the last seventeen years. Only many have attempted.
The BMW 3-series appears to be a concoction entry of this luxury, sports, coupe, sedan, and convertible class and serves as the unsurpassed benchmark for these types. The ingredients for this is as follows: Power is produced by its smooth-running straight-six engine. One of these six has been tuned with 300 horsepower and torque of 300 pound feet. It also has the mold and proportions of the classic coupe and sedan. The BMW 3-series can give you the smooth riding quality with the responses of that of an autocross car. These cars can also boast of its supportive seats.
These cars are America's top-sellers and has been deemed the favorite for many reasons. One is it is well built and it has a world-class design fit for your lifestyle needs, enough power, and offers a ride like no other. Car editors agree that with the BMW 3-series, you can have luxurious comfort while enjoying weekend thrills in rough terrains.
With its 2008 version, it has gone through a complete and thorough redesign. The latest version of cars are larger, heavier, and faster than their 2007 designs. They have also come up with a bolder look and better suspension and braking, as well as a wider interior space.
The 3-series has been getting a lot of thumbs-ups from car reviewers. "There are many worthy competitors in the entry-luxe category these days-and it's getting more crowded all the time-but the 3 remains at the head of the pack," commented.
The calls the sedan "a performance machine for those who consider driving an art."
Of course, there are also negative comments about the 3-series. Most reviewers agree with Automobile Magazine that the interior of any BMW 3-series car has a cockpit that's filled with technologies that are not really reliable and at times quirky.
But this is usually overlooked when given the superb power and excellent design the 3-series has.

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