Consumer Reports Summary for the Subaru Impreza

by : Art Gib

In its early years, the Subaru Impreza started out as a good car that consumers could buy for reasonable price, but with new models coming out almost every year, the Impreza has evolved into one of the most reliable and speedy sedan cars on the market. In fact, by 2008 the Impreza became a Consumer Reports recommended vehicle. And, it is still a pretty affordable purchase. Although the Honda Civic still comes first in sales for sedan cars $20,000 and under, the Impreza has been rated "the most fun to drive" for several years in a row.

Another thing that sets the Impreza apart from its competition is all-wheel drive. With energy going to all of the wheels, the Impreza has been described as a car that sticks to the road like glue and handles corners very well. Combined with short breaking, this makes it a very reliable vehicle. In addition to affordability, safety and all-wheel drive, the Impreza is also fast enough to compete in races. This is one reason why some consumers enjoy driving them so much,

In spite of all the things that consumers like about the Impreza, there are definitely a few drawbacks that repeatedly crop up in consumer reports. For example, gas mileage is not that great. On the highway, the Impreza might get as much as 25-mpg and in the city it might get as much as 19-mpg. In a world with rising gas prices and global warming, 25-mpg is nothing to brag about.

Another common complaint is that the Impreza is ugly. Subaru has made significant efforts to alleviate this problem though and appearance is a pretty subjective quality.

Third, many consumers believe that the back seat is cramped. Subaru has made the interior more spacious over the years, but the cramped complaint still stands. Compared to more fuel-efficient cars, like the smart car, the Impreza feels like a mansion though.

And finally, when the Impreza does need repairs, they can be pretty costly. In fact, in 2003, Subaru had the highest warranty repair costs.

You might not be able to do anything about the gas mileage, the space, and the appearance, but as a consumer, you can lower repair costs by ordering discount Subaru Impreza parts online. If you know the part number searches can be quick and easy, but even general descriptions of a particular part can help you find the replacement part that you need.