Lexus Gs 450h Hybrid Overview

by : Thomas Jones

Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corporation has decided to create a new hybrid, one that blends the luxury-class of their Lexus brand with the eco-friendly hybrid engine that made the Toyota Prius the foremost hybrid in the market. While the RX 400h hybrid was Lexus's first attempt to create a luxury SUV hybrid, Lexus is trying again, and hopefully succeeding, with their luxury-class GS 450h hybrid.

For consumers, aficionados, and potential buyers alike, Lexus's GS 450h can easily be one of the top hybrid choices available. The sophistication and style of Lexus's top-of-the-line vehicle offers various features and options not found in other hybrids. The power train is surprisingly hefty and the car proves to be extremely fuel-efficient. Then again, considering the parent company, Toyota, developed the extremely green engine for the Prius, it should come as no shock.

Up until now, hybrids have carried the stigma that they simply can't hold up to conventional sports cars and sedans, as new and sleek they may be. It seems, though, that we may finally see a change, a new hybrid now being slated as the first hybrid that will be entered into Formula 1 auto racing competitions. That is a pretty big claim to stake, but if any company can do it, Toyota's Lexus brand is the one to accomplish that. If that particular feat can be accomplished, Toyota and Lexus will have yet another advantage over other companies' hybrids. Then again, the leading experts have stated that the GS 450h will most likely never be able to reach the same speeds as a normal gas-powered Formula 1 car, the GS 450h is still setting to break other records. The hope is that this car can provide the speed of a racer with the sophistication and comfort that Lexus is known for.

One of the greatest and most notable features about the GS 450h is that when driven, it doesn't feel any different than a conventional Lexus. In fact, the ride feels smoother, and the actual design of the Lexus betrays its scientific purpose. Catering to both the chic and the geek in individuals, the GS 540h gives the driver a kilometer gauge instead of a traditional tachometer. Also, it's a breeze to glance through the car's hybrid mode and the energy consumption as the controls and information is right on the dashboard.

The GS 450h hybrid is absolutely everything you could want if you are looking for style, sophistication, and power without sacrificing a concern for the environment. And those statements only scratch the surface of just how amazing this vehicle is over others. To start, consider speed; this hybrid is, as of now, the single fastest fuel-efficient vehicle on the mass market today. Adding to that, the GS 450h is the first fuel-efficient and rear-wheel drive sedan on the market.

There's also no mistaking that as far as hybrids go, no other hybrid has been able to turn heads with one glance at the outside like the GS 450h. So why is it that some of the more avid buyers out there want to take a look at a car that is beautiful and sleek? The hybrid is an incredibly stylish vehicle that you will always want to drive, just to show off to friends and colleagues. There is no mistaking that this is a car for someone unafraid to show concern for the environment without wanting to sacrifice luxury and class.

In a completely even comparison, just based on interior and exterior design, it is only fair to state that the Toyota Prius has been the leading hybrid thus far and the 450h has a great deal to stand up to. Thankfully, by taking a look at the fuel efficiency, class, and sheer sophistication of this Lexus, it is hands down a vehicle that blows competition out of the water.