Why Choose One Month Car Insurance?

by : Shaun Parker

Covering a vehicle with short term Car insurance can be an extremely simple and cost effective way of borrowing a car from a friend for a short period of time without having to worry about whether or not you will have to arrange to change an existing policy with an insurance provider. The benefits of short term car insurance are numerous. Short term car insurance generally refers to a type of insurance that can be arranged over a period of between a single day and one month or 28 days.

By arranging insurance cover over a short period like this it often means that you can do so without having to amend an existing policy that you may have. The short term cover can be entirely independent of any existing policies and as a result is appealing to people that want to borrow a vehicle from a friend and don't want to risk any awkward situations that can occur when adding a friend to a policy. The added benefit of this method is that you are also not tied into a longer term contract.

The main reason that short term deals have become popular is for people that want to borrow a vehicle over a short period of time from someone that they know. This typically happens between friends and family members and it offers a method that makes the process less uncomfortable. After all if the worst was to happen and you were to have an accident in a car that you had borrowed it would be terrible if you affected the no claims bonus of the person that you borrowed it from and worse still if you were not insured at all.

The law in the UK states explicitly that you must not drive a vehicle without being insured and people caught doing so are often put in jail for considerable periods of time. This is of course fully justified because an accident caused by someone that is not insured could be horrific for a person that is injured and needs compensation. As a result getting insurance for every single journey is vital. This obviously means that for those people that just want coverage for a short period of time to go on a single journey it is often tempting to go without. Nevertheless this must be avoided at all costs. Fortunately a number of providers have emerged to make getting affordable insurance for this period of time possible.

One month car insurance is a great option for people that want to test drive a vehicle before they buy one. Reputable car dealers will have their own insurance deals in place so it is unlikely that you will need to arrange your own if you visit a dealer but if you are looking to buy from a private seller then arranging cover is essential. This is even more important if you are selling a vehicle as you are not likely to know the people that take you out to test drive you vehicle and more importantly you don't know if they are trustworthy behind the wheel.

So be sure to encourage them to get insured when they test drive your vehicle and make sure that you take the time to look over their policy before you hand over the keys. The majority of short term deals can be printed off from the internet so there is no excuse not to have the policy documents to hand.