Short Term Car Insurance Can Solve Problems

by : Shaun Parker

Short term car insurance is the answer for people that want to lend their car to a friend or family member without having to worry about affecting the no claims bonus on your existing policy. Ranging from a single day to a full month short term car insurance is extremely popular with students that want to borrow a car over their holiday period, people that want to borrow a van to move home and people that want to borrow a car to go on holiday.

There is a vast range of providers that offer this type of insurance and finding a great deal can be quick and simple using the internet. These types of insurance deals are also often extremely useful for people that want to test drive a vehicle that is for sale. It enables coverage to be sorted out quickly and because the majority of policies can be started immediately it can mean that you can quickly be covered. As a result there is no excuse for not having car insurance.

The added bonus of finding short term insurance online is that you can often print off your policy documents instantaneously. This can mean that you can have your policy in hand when you visit someone to test drive their car. This can obviously give both you and the person selling the vehicle great peace of mind.

In the UK it is completely illegal to drive without insurance. Whilst in the US and most other countries outside of Europe the vehicle is covered by the insurance deal in the UK it is the individual that is insured for a specific vehicle. This means that you can't borrow a friend's car without arranging a form of insurance coverage. In the US there is much more a culture of sharing a vehicle and friends will often lend to one another. In the UK this is not the case.

The law strictly prohibits people from driving without insurance and if caught driving without insurance people are often put in jail for a long period of time. Driving without insurance is extremely irresponsible and the courts punish the crime suitably.

The speed at which a short term deal can be arranged is one of the major benefits that is offered. Because the majority of providers operate online it is possible to receive a number of quotes, pick the best and purchase immediately without having to spend long searching and without having to leave the comfort of your desk. Often it is the case that a vehicle needs to be used immediately from the start of the policy and as a result the speed at which it can be arranged is a real bonus. Often this type of coverage is used for people that want to use the car of a family member that has been admitted to hospital.

A short term insurance deal could make transporting them to and from hospital much easier. In an extremely stressful time such as this, this can be a real benefit. Many people use this service when they are borrowing a vehicle to move house or for when they need to transport large items of furniture from a store.