Ford of Europe Sales Continue to Nurture in Tough Environment

by : Anthony Fontanelle

Ford of Europe's big business thrust sustained all the way through the month of May regardless of the tough economic setting. Year-to-date sales in Ford of Europe's 51 markets have mounted by 18,400, to 828,300 vehicles; an enlargement of 2.3 percent measured up with the same phase in 2007.

"Our sales improvement in the first five months of the year reflects the growing appeal of our exciting and stylish range of vehicles. And with our new models making an increasing impact, we are confident that we will continue to progress and sell more vehicles this year than we did in 2007, despite the challenging conditions in many markets," says Ingvar Sviggum, vice president, Marketing, Sales & Service, Ford of Europe.

According to the , Ford completed the month of May with a market share of 8.7 percent in the conventional Euro 19 countries, untouched from the past year regardless of lower sales of 132,200 units, which was reduced from 139,100 units a year ago. Turkey and the 30 Ford European Direct Markets are merged when sales in Russia. Ford of Europe's sales in May reached 165,500 units, somewhat down from 165,900. Ford of Europe sold 683,100 vehicles in the Euro 19 markets, for a market share of 8.7 percent. Sales in Russia, Turkey and Ford's European Direct Markets added an extra 145,200 units, captivating the total to 828,300 units. Ford's accomplishment in Russia carries on with sales augmenting by over 36.6 percent to 18,600 vehicles last month.

Once again, the latest Focus with its great was Ford of Europe's hot-selling model in May, selling 35,100 units all throughout the Euro 19 markets, while the trailing Fiesta sold 25,300 units. The Fiesta was France' and in Italy's best-selling imported car. May sales of the latest Mondeo with the splendid in the Euro 19 markets further boosted to 15,300 units.

Ford sustained its overall vehicle market control on a year-to-date basis In the UK, Spain and Turkey. Ford was market leader in the UK and Turkey in the month of May as well.

"We are seeing lower consumer confidence in some of our established markets because of the continued rise in fuel prices and overall economic uncertainty, but that is countered by buoyant economies in other regions, notably in Russia. In Russia, industry sales are up 362,000 units year-to-date, and Ford is in a very strong position to grow sales thanks to our modern St. Petersburg plant, where we will increase capacity from September on," added Sviggum.