Shopping for a Used Car

by : John Kerry

Most people would have tried buying a used car at-least once in their lifetime. Statistically, people change their car once in three to five years, if not sooner. If they need to buy a better car, and get a good deal on it, then they need to know exactly how to spot a good used car from a bad one.

The starting point of getting a good deal on a used car comes at the source of the used car. One can find a good used car at a car dealer. But cars from a dealer come with their own premium attached to it. If it is a certified used car, the premium is even higher.

Buying a used car directly from the owner can give a better price. But this needs additional effort on part of the buyer, in being able to locate sellers of used cars, and contacting them individually.

Here is where sites like can help. This site has a ton of listings from individual sellers of used cars, that sellers can browse through.

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