Easily Run Your Car on Water

by : Abhinav Sidana

It is funny to say "Run your car on water", however it is one of the patented technology and is in the market for the last twenty years. There are many myths, false facts and scams about running your car on water; therefore you should be cautions and should know the facts on the subjected topics from a reliable and genuine source only.

The technology is totally environmental friendly and only uses renewable sources of energy. There is no emission by these cars running on the latest hydrogen technology, as water is the end product of combustion in these car engines. Some of the engines are also on duel fuel based and uses gas and hydrogen as fuel.

Actually hydrogen is the fuel of the twentieth century, as gas reserves are only for the next thirty- forty years, hydrogen based cars are being produced by large number of car manufacturers, however the percentage of such cars is very small. Hydrogen generation is one of the problem and scientists have carried out the research for years and find out a solution for hydrogen generation and transportation, so that it can be used as fuel in car.

Actually if you want to convert your car on hydrogen, you need to modify your engine by installing an additional kit to the system. You, yourself can do all these or you can take the help of an expert mechanic or engineer. The kit assembly is important and you should buy an authorized kit only. A local kit will be cheaper, however the safety risk associated with it might be dangerous for you and other people on the road. Hydrogen gas is highly inflammable and even a small leakage can invite risks for your life.

The main function of the kit is to electrolyze water and after electrolysis water is converted into hydrogen and oxygen. These were further carried away to the main manifold where after burning these produces energy and water. This is mainly a clean fuel, as it not produces any SOX and NOX (Sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides) and carbon dioxides etc. With the rise in global crude prices, which will ultimately increase the gas prices, running your car on water is the best available option for you to reduce the input cost per mile.