Car Lease Specials: Unveiling 2008 Volvo C30

by : Daniel Lamb

Volvo has come up with a sporty, fast-and-furious type of car for the young and brave at heart. The Volvo C30 has powerful engines, is easy to maneuver, and provides comfort when you travel.

It comes encumbered with a lot of safety measures too. For one, it has front airbags and side airbags to protect the torso and head in any case of accidents. It also has the child-seat attachment system to make sure your kid's going to be safe from bumps and sudden stops. It also is a best handling car since it makes your steering quite easy and smooth. When cutting corners and slicing through traffic, the Volvo C30 can just glide through.

Even with its two-door hatchback body, Volvo C30 has a large comfortable room for four with a wet-suit material as fabric for the car seats. C30 is Volvo's new model, but its mechanical parts seem to be prototypes of its compact S40 sedan and V50 wagon though it has considerably equipment that are less standard.

With all bravado, Volvo C30 is considered a reverse halo car. Its manufacturers hope that it would be able to put in more people in its dealerships and ultimately give the company a sportier look for its clients.

A lot of accolades are raining down on Volvo C30. As what Dan Neil wrote in the Los Angeles Times, "The C30 is a terrific little car, a hugely entertaining and deftly engineered piece of Scandinavian design entering a market that's just about

panting for cooler, and greener, small cars... [It] feels like the emergence of a new species, Volvo rockinus."

Our online car reviewers and aficionados also embraced the arrival of the cute, sporty car as they deem it. Emily Hansen wrote in that "Volvo C30 is a departure from what I think of when I picture a Volvo. Don't get me wrong; all the safety and security I expect from Volvo is still intact, it's just packaged in a cute, sporty, city car."


To sum it up, Volvo C30 is a sports coupe that wears an attitude and makes a personal statement that says it is worth a test drive.

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