Car Owners Warned About Potential Floods

by : Andy Adams

After last year's flooding during the latter half of the year Car insurers are urging car owners to review how much they are covered for, specifically if flood damage is going to be something they'll be at risk of.

The call comes in response to flood damage accounting for 11% of all claims in the past year according to figures published by the Association of British Insurers.? It isn't a surprise really considering the devastation caused in multiple areas of England and Wales last year, many people were left without clean homes and had to live in caravans.? Cars were picked up by the torrents and taken miles away from where their owners parked them.

The main issue the insurers have is that many motorists are not covered for flood damage if they are only insured for third party, fire and theft.? The number of drivers with third party insurance is estimated to be 9 million and considering how widespread the floods were last year this could mean a lot of car owners are not going to be covered for the devastating effects of a flood.

Drivers tend to go for third party, fire and theft as a way to get cheap car insurance as it costs less than a fully comprehensive policy, for many people who have a cheap or old car this may be the perfect choice as the car will not be worth the claim you'd make in the event of a crash.? It's important to note that car insurers are not saying that third party insurance is not advisable they are merely pointing out that those who live in the effected areas should ensure that they are not left without a car if and when the floods come.

As well as being careful to remain fully covered in the event of a flood insurers are urging drivers to be more responsible when driving in affected regions, normally you'll see reports on the news showing someone driving through a foot or so of flood water.? It may look impressive on the TV but in reality the drivers are probably causing more damage by letting water in, not only are you likely to fill the inside of your car it will also get inside the engine and be costly to repair.? When you look at the flood water it is brown, meaning it isn't just H20 getting into your engine; it's mud, sewage, branches and other debris caught in the tide.? All of this means your car is likely to incur a large amount of damage simply by driving through the water. car insurance companies are urging drivers to leave their cards alone during floods as there is a chance that by using their car they will damage them further and potentially void their insurance.

As flooding sets in other less-travelled roads will no doubt be packed with the added diverted traffic that is trying to avoid the flooded areas.? Car insurance companies have urged drivers to exercise caution and make sure you pack some warm clothes and even mini-survival kits just in case you are confined to your car for long periods of time.? Overall: plan your journey, drive carefully and listen to local traffic reports and you should be able to make it to your destination safely.