What Every Car Buyer Should Know Before Making A Purchase

by : Christine Harrell

Like most car dealers, Virginia Beach car lots are filled with dream cars that passerby's instantly drool over. Convertibles, sports cars, SUVs, and pick-up trucks fill the lots beckoning to visitors to make a deal. However, there is more to visiting a car lot than simply finding that dream car and handing over the money. Buying can end up being an expensive use of time and money if you haven't done the necessary homework.

Know Your Budget

Identifying your financial limit is perhaps the most important bit of information when working with car dealers. Car dealers make it easy to overspend, so know what you can afford to spend and take off an extra 10 - 20%. This way you have room to negotiate the best price without going over your comfort zone.

Learning what other Virginia used cars are selling for is another important pre-purchase step. This will provide you with a reasonable ballpark figure as well as an indication of whether that type of vehicle fits your budget. In addition, research should be done locally since vehicles are priced according to the local market. For example - when searching listings for used auto sales, Virginia Beach car sales on convertibles will have different prices than those in New York simply due to the variation in consumer demand and location.

Needs vs. Wants

The wide variety of vehicles found at Virginia Beach car dealerships can easily tempt you into looking at the wrong car. Before arriving at the lot, you need to think about the type of vehicle your lifestyle and family need. If you have a family of six who like to go camping, for instance, a small sports car could make life very interesting! You also want to consider any life changes you will be making in the near future to avoid having to resell the vehicle shortly after bringing it home.

Get to Know the Fine Print

Whether you are hunting for new or used cars, there can be hidden time bombs throughout the sales process waiting to catch you when you aren't looking. Common sales pitches like "If you want it, you'll have to buy it now" or "There are others coming to look at it today..." are purely designed to encourage irrational decisions. Financing and extended warranty can also be very tricky. Be sure that you completely understand every detail before signing to avoid paying out money unnecessarily. Thinking that all salespeople are out to get you is completely false, but educating yourself about some of the dangers out there today is the best way to stay protected.

The secret to buying a new or used vehicle is to be informed before you go. Understanding what you can afford and what type of vehicle you need is important to make sure you are satisfied with the car you buy. With a little bit of knowledge and money, you will be driving away in no time.