Why Choose An Original Wedding Car?

by : Thomas Pretty

After joyously celebrating the news that my brother was finally marrying his girlfriend the fundamentals of organising a wedding came apparent. My brother would be getting married in Sidcup, so almost immediately I started to look at wedding cars in the local area. Over a pint however in a local Sidcup pub, my brother and I started to think of original choices for wedding cars that could be a great idea for his special day. Our findings were somewhat diverse.

Naturally there is a number of wedding car companies in Sidcup that have a wide variety of classic cars on offer. Rolls Royce car, Bentleys and Jaguars are usually the first choice for many couples. Ultimately they make an elegant solution to your wedding day travel needs. Their large size is also ideal, allowing you to travel in comfort ad style. This past wisdom is changing however; a large number of couples are now finding wedding cars that have their own unique appeal and charm.

If you are not overly bothered by looking at large cars there are smaller vehicles that have a certain distinct flavour about them. Some may want to consider using a Morris Minor or the Volkswagen Beetle. While they may be a great deal smaller than the regular choice of wedding cars, there are a number of companies in Sidcup that supply them. The Beetle is naturally a popular car due to its lovable styling and the bold character; the relationship to 'Herbie' is also a powerful lure. The Morris is the quintessential English car and even comes in a soft top model for those marrying on a sunny day.

Some however will definitely want to hire larger wedding cars; thankfully Sidcup has a number of companies that supply American classics for happy couples. This way it is possible to make an original choice without having to compromise on size. A classic in this genre is the pink Cadillac, although pink may not be to everyone's taste. Thankfully they come in more than one colour.

Military vehicles have seemingly become popular and while you may not be able to find one in Sidcup, if you go a little further a field it is possible to find some unique wedding cars, although cars may not be the way to describe them. One of the military options is the Hummer all terrain vehicle, these even come in stretch models if you do not want to compromise on luxury. For those who want to take the military theme of their wedding to the extreme it is now possible to hire a tank for your special day; this can hardly be described as romantic but each to their own.

One car that has a gargantuan global fan base is the Volkswagen campervan. Understandably those who have a penchant for this type of vehicle may want to choose one for heir wedding day; it could even be possible to head straight on your honeymoon with this type of vehicle.

Although you may not find this type of company in Sidcup, there are a few businesses sprouting up that supply cars from movies and television for wedding days. These are more likely to appeal to the groom but should be a consideration nonetheless. With choices such as the renowned black Trans Am from Knightrider or the Delorean from Back to the Future, if you are looking for a theme to your wedding, these choices could be the ideal solution.

While these choices may be original and unique, as I discussed them with my brother it became apparent that while he may be swayed by the Delorean or a Hummer, his fiance will certainly not be as easily convinced. After all, unless he could convince her of the value of a unique wedding car it is more likely that he would follow the traditional course. But my advice to anyone who is planning a wedding is to at least look into these original choices; they may make your wedding day that bit more special.