Tips for Shipping Your Car Internationally

by : Amy Nutt

There are occasions when you may have need to ship your car overseas. You will not only need to find a reputable shipping company, but also prepare your vehicle for being moved overseas. You can't just leave it as is, since this could cause problems in transit. So, here are a few tips to help you ship your vehicle safely internationally.

Clean your car. Getting all the junk out of it and removing any valuables is best. This ensures that your car can be transported safely, without fear of something sliding around inside and possibly causing damage.

Take a Polaroid. Or any other kind of photo. Take dated pictures if possible so you have proof of what condition your vehicle was in when you left it at the shipping company. If your car is damaged in the car of the shipping company, you will need to prove that this was their fault and that you left your car in good condition. Take your photos outside, with good lighting so any scratches or flaws are readily visible.

Get rid of gas. You only want about 1/8 of a tank of gas in your car. It will need to be moved, so you'll need to leave a little gas in it, but the less weight the better! If you need to, just drive around a bit to bring the gas down, or siphon it off into an approved container for use elsewhere.

Disconnect the car alarm. The last thing you need is for the alarm to go off halfway across the ocean and wear your battery out! This is a big one, so be sure that the alarm is not just disabled, but disconnected, to prevent it from accidentally being set off. There is a lot of movement when a vehicle is being moved, so it's possible for things to get shaken up a bit.

Make sure everything is secure. You don't want loose bolts or lug nuts, since these can vibrate loose during the move. So, tighten everything up before shipping your vehicle to prevent problems upon arrival. Small parts can shake loose and get lost completely.

Get the paperwork done early. The sooner you finish up the paperwork, the easier it will be for you to get your vehicle shipped without extra delays. You will have left yourself time to get any changes made that may be necessary.

Research the paperwork. Every country has different rules as to what they require, but you will most likely need to prove ownership of the vehicle and possibly get a special visa for it. Some countries will require you get special permission and to declare your imported vehicle. Without registration, you'll need to leave the country and come back in every few months to get a new visa, depending on the country.

Find out about import taxes. You may be required to pay import taxes when your vehicle goes through customs. This is pretty common and sometimes can be avoided if you have the right paperwork. Again, this all depends on the country that you are shipping the vehicle to, each one will have its own regulations that need to be met.

Shipping a vehicle overseas can be stressful, but if you plan ahead and do everything correctly, you should be able to do it without any problems. Most importantly, you eliminate the need for a rental car as you'll be free to drive your car in the country that it has been shipped to, once you have cleared customs and done up the paperwork required.