Tata Nano to be Given as Incentive to the Officials

by : carazoo.com

The Tata Nano effect has rubbed on different sectors in strange ways. Corporate sector HR's are now contemplating on offering Nano as an incentive to its employees.
Given that the attrition rate is high and companies want to retain junior level executives is now thinking of offering the Rs one lakh car as an incentive.
The HR executives are sure that the Nano will certainly make a great offer for junior level executives. However, they are yet to decide on the employee groups that can be brought under the incentive scheme.

They said that sales representatives will come first in the list of targeted employees. The other groups that could be included are the skilled workers in manufacturing sectors, middle level managements, and the junior software engineers.
The attractive price band has driven the HR department to look at Nano has an attractive proposition for its employees. At Rs 1.45 lakh, the ultra low cost car could replace several other more costly incentives like the foreign tours, LCD TV, high-end laptops and others.
Nano is not only cost effective, but it is a small car that can carry five persons, is fuel efficient and maintenance cost is low. It is a marked improvement from the motorbike that the junior level executives purchase soon after gaining employment.

Many of the companies are also thinking of scrapping away the two wheeler loan schemes with that of Nano. Those sectors which have a high employment of on field- like the pharma can also offer Nano at a more competitive price than the currently offered two wheeler loans. Companies could even attract employment by offering these cars as employee benefits.
The Human Resource executives believe that the small car Nano will provide more safety to its employees than the two wheeler. People who drive to office and back to their residences can travel without carrying the risk attached to two wheeler riders.
Moreover Indian companies having overseas operation could also offer the Indian small car to its foreign employees. Instead of shelling three of four times the cost of Nano on European or Japanese car brands, the Indian companies could offer the small car.
This will not only cuts the cost of perks by its employees but also help swell the company exchequer.

However these measures will not be available until the Nano cars are available abundantly in the showrooms. Tata Motors has been pleasantly surprised by the new scheme. It may be recalled that similar schemes were offered when then Maruti Udyog launched 800. However, then the targeted employees section were the top management executives. They usually rivaled it against the stately ambassadors and Fiat Premier or Fiat Padmini. Owning a Maruti 800 was considered a status symbol among executives.
The Nano car has created a new class for car owners and 800 may not be sufficient to retain executives anymore.