Pump it Up!

by : Barbara Jeffers

Be Safe and Save Money!

We all know that good tyres are essential to driving safely. They can affect steering, ride and handling, emergency braking stopping distances, acceleration and our car's fuel consumption.

The Law

Did you know that you could be fined and receive 3 penalty points on your license if you have:

- Car tyres with tread worn to below 1.6mm.
- A mix of radial and cross ply tyres.
- Over or under-inflated tyres.
- Tyres with cuts, lumps, bulges or tears;
- The wrong sort of tyre fitted to a vehicle or trailer.

Feeling deflated?

When was the last time you checked the tyre pressures on your vehicle?

It is estimated that 95% of the vehicles on the road are running with incorrect tyre pressures.

Over inflated tyres give a less comfortable ride, and can increase the wear around the center of the tread. A reduced contact area with the road can make the steering feel light and affect acceleration.

Under inflated tyres result in increased tyre shoulder wear, they make the suspension feel softer and affect the handling. Under inflation creates more rolling resistance and can increase fuel consumption by at least 2.5%. The problem is exacerbated during cold winter months because the average tyre loses 1psi of pressure for every 10 degree drop in temperature. Last year British motorists spent ?34 billion last year on fuel; this amounts to over ?800 million wasted last year just due to incorrect tyre pressures! What's your annual fuel bill? How much money could you save if your tyres were correctly inflated?

Pump it up!

The Department of Transport recommends checking tyre pressures every two weeks, and the pressure should be checked and corrected when the tyres are cold. Kwik-Fit report that a correctly inflated tyre will last up to 5,200 miles more than one that is under-inflated by 10 per cent. So, save yourself some money, and be safe, make sure that your tyre pressures are maintained at the levels recommended by the car's manufacturer.

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