Corvette Delivery at the National Corvette Museum

by : Neil Lemons

It's April 7, 2006, and chaos breaks out in Rhea Law's purse as her cell phone goes off. Her husband's pocket gets noisy too as his phone rings at the same time. Their family and friends have called to tease them about taking delivery on their new car, a 2006 Z06 Le Mans Blue Corvette. Thanks to the Museum's online web cam service, they took part in welcoming the new addition, watching its delivery on the internet.

"We see you with that car!" shouts the other end of the line.

Meeting their new "baby" was the highlight of a very exciting day. The Laws were given a private tour of the Assembly Plant earlier in the morning and had just finished touring the Museum. Now it was time for the new owners to learn how to operate the car. The Museum staff ran through each gadget, explaining what this knob or that stick was for and how to use it, the way nurses in the maternity ward explain to new parents how to care for their newborn. Each piece was handled with care, every special feature delicately touched.

You can enjoy taking delivery on your new Corvette at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY, the way the Laws did. The National Corvette Museum Delivery (R8C) option allows you to purchase your Corvette from a dealership, but have it delivered at the Museum. Hundreds of Corvette owners do it every year.

The National Corvette Museum Delivery (R8C) Option

How much does it cost?
A minimal cost of $490 which must be specified at the time the order is finalized.

What will happen when I get to the Museum?
1. Signs will welcome you to the Museum and will commemorate the event.
2. You'll be taken to the Bowling Green Assembly Plant across the street in a GM courtesy car to take a VIP tour.
3. You'll be brought back to the Museum to take a VIP tour.
4. A member of the National Corvette Museum delivery team will provide a thorough orientation and presentation of your new car and will review how all features work.
5. You'll be presented with a gold decal that specifies you took delivery at the National Corvette Museum and you'll receive a one year membership to the Museum.

What should I bring with me to the Museum for delivery?

- A License Plate or Temporary Tag
- Proof of Ownership
(Bill of sale, etc.)
- Proof of Insurance
- Valid Operator's License
- Dealer Acknowledgment Form (this can be found on the

This is a great option for Corvette owners that will provide memories to last a lifetime. The National Corvette Museum staff treats you and your car like you are royalty. Your Corvette will be in the "nursery" with other Corvettes waiting to be picked up until you get there. And web cams overlooking the "nursery" let family members and friends that can't make the haul to Kentucky with you, able to participate in the delivery. Consider the R8C option if you are planning on getting a Corvette. It's worth it!