3 Tips For Protecting Your Auto in Transport

by : Laura Buckley

Shipping your vehicle long distance can make sense and hiring a good auto transporter can make the process even easier, but you should consider these tips to protect your car in the process.

Shipping your vehicle can make sense and hiring a good auto transporter to do it can make the process even easier for yourself. Still you need to take some precautions to insure the cars safety from damage while in transport.

It's important to choose a company that offers a more modern approach to handling your auto such as special protected lifts that won't scratch your car. Make sure that the company is equipped with a satellite system so that you can track your car in transit.

In my experience, I have found that if you just follow some simple yet effective guidelines and suggestions that worked for me, you can save yourself a lot of heartache and money.

Auto transporters are just like any other moving company; they pick up your car, load it onto a truck and deliver it wherever you tell them to.

The way your auto is transported is a system that varies from company to company and you just can't take for granted that auto transporting services operate the same way.

Rates also vary from company to company so you really need to do your homework and shop around for the best rate and compare it to the services being offered to you.

You need to keep in mind that while working with auto transporters can sometimes require additional car insurance. You'll also need to pay more attention to things like shipping dates and vehicle inspections.

Good quality and well experienced auto transporter companies who have you and your car in their best interest should provide all the necessary documents and information needed to initiate and finalize the entire process.

When you're trying to budget your move, keep in mind that some vehicles obviously cost more to transport than others. The Size and weight of the vehicle being transported is a huge factor in cost.

The biggest tip to protect yourself is to always get all your quotes and rates from your choice company in writing. This way there are no misunderstandings.

A good tip for you if your vehicle has a car alarm is to disable it. If the alarm starts going off once the auto transporter has your car, they won't be able to deactivate it which could leave you with a dead battery.

Make sure that your car is squeaky clean so that you can see any damages that may have occurred. Do an overall inspection of the car and take pictures of it prior to boarding.

The more things you have sticking off the car, the more likely it is that something will get snapped or hinged. When you're shipping a convertible, make sure the top is up and properly secured. You don't want the interior exposed.

Before your shipping date, check the fluids, tire pressure and battery charge. Try not to fill the tank with gas because this also adds to the weight. Keep all the fluids low for that reason.

If for some reason your car becomes inoperable during shipping, some vehicle transporters may charge you an extra fee for unloading it. Make sure you don't have anything on that will cause the battery to lose juice.