Who Wants to Own Your Dream Car for an Amazing $147 Per Month

by : Dennis Mason

Recently we were in the market for purchasing a new or almost new car.
We weren't thinking about "shooting for the moon" when considering a new automobile, mostly something that gets good mileage, looks nice, is dependable and possibly says something about our personality. Also, we wanted to buy something in the "inexpensive" category since this was our first real new car plus given the falling resale value of most cars.
The P.T. Cruiser by Chrysler, especially the convertible model, had always been a favorite, but the reviews coming
in weren't that great- not much pick-up, and not particularly great fuel mileage. This year, the Chevy HHR came out.
Wow! That really looked to be some nice car. We are also looking at Toyotas, Nissans, Hondas small SUV class trucks.
Anyway, getting back to the business card. It was a well done card, actually. It featured a shiny red Ferrari
against a jet black background, red border. The yellow lettering at the top said: Drive Your Dream Car (From as little as) $147 a month! . Underneath that there was white lettering that simply said "AUTOship". In the corner of the card in yellow lettering was the web site address and phone number plus email address.
The promoter of this business certainly piqued my interest: I actually went to the site when I went home. Interesting domain name for sure.
The site was dazzling with a catchy loop playing in the background. As I read on, I found out that by simply becoming part of a "buyers club", purchasing a certain of amounts of product
each month and telling other people about this club and the products, I could earn enough income to buy a new car or a motorcycle, RV, new boat, whatever I desired.
That sounded simple enough. I read on and discovered that just this was best accomplished by
getting other people to the site, a site which is free to any IPC (product consultant). There were all sorts of templates to download. Business cards, postcards, two page fliers and more. The system was, it seems, complete. A truly turnkey system for making enough money to buy that brand new car or motorcycle, RV, boat, or maybe even a new house! Exciting!
There is no time line for working out this system though you will be working with your recruiting patner who will, according to the system, take you to the dealership where you will take a test drive and look over the financing with the salesperson on the lot. Your recruiter, your new best friend, will help you duplicate his or her system and to assist you in the basics of being a new entrepreneur: goal building, list building, brainstorming ideas to further your enterprise, training and more training...
I doubt if you have ever seen anything like this before. The marketing is ingenious and the system, if you decide to use it, costs zilch
Go ahead and check out the blog post and see for yourself if it's a true fit. If so, have fun enjoying your new dream car!