Convert Your Automobile to Run on Water - is it Scam?

by : Andreas Lee

Water is made up of two essentials that are oxygen and hydrogen. When electric current is passed through water, the procedure is called electrolysis. Oxygen and hydrogen split up forming hydrogen and oxygen molecules. Hydrogen had been already revealed as source of power twenty years back. This abundant and simple element has been proven being able to supply more power than gasoline once used to power vehicles.

The benefit to Convert your Automobile to Run on Water saves more than 40% on cost of fuel producing clear emissions. Distilled or special water additives are not required; it works with clear tap water. Although controlling your automobile entirely on water has not become reality yet, you still require purchasing gasoline to control your car; however, by doing little alterations to the engine of your car, you can use a blend of gasoline and water to run your vehicle. All this could be done simply without purchasing a new hybrid car. Media has not discussed much about this sort of technology as it will badly affect the income of oil companies if you started to convert your automobile to run on Water. For this cause, it has kept from being available to the people by the world leaders.

To Convert your Automobile to Run on Water, the system can be built and accessed easily with the guidelines obtainable for download. Normally, beginners just require small funds to get in progress, which shall cost not more than 100 dollars. Once customized, the engine system of water control can be reversed easily, thereby making it simple to eliminate as well as it would not void the warranty of Auto Manufacturers. It merely performs as an add-on to considerably raise your efficiency of fuel.

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