Benefits of Joining a Corvette Club

by : Neil Lemons

When my husband and I joined a Corvette club after buying a Corvette, some of our friends rolled their eyes. They thought it was bit corny and that we'd be out of element. Boy they were wrong. Joining a Corvette club is something every Corvette owner should do.

Being in a Corvette club is more than just attending obligatory meetings every other week or once a month. It's a chance for camaraderie, a time to come together with like minded people, it's an excuse leave behind the dirty dishes behind to go to events, and a chance to grow closer to a spouse.

Because of our car and the Club we joined, I have been to places I've never been to, I've made memories on sunny Saturday afternoons at local events, and have had the opportunity to evaluate some pretty hot Corvettes as a judge at an event my Club sponsored. And we've made some pretty good friends, including a couple I hold dear to my heart.

Why can you get out of it? Benefits of joining a Corvette Club:

- Make new friends to spend time with during club events and other social outings.
- Visit local attractions
- Take day trips
- Take week long vacations together
- If you own your own business, a connection with a club is a great way to network, particularly if you can provide a service the club can use.
- Gain valuable information on how to service, enhance or maintain your car.
- Find buyers for your Corvette, parts or accessories.
- Connect with those selling their 'Vettes for an opportunity to find a car in decent shape.
- Participate in charity events to help your local community.
- Make a difference by organizing events for your club, giving you something positive to spend your energies on.

So are you sold yet? What do you have to do to join a Corvette Club? It's easy.

- Find a Corvette Club of interest in your area. I'd recommend picking only one. Joining two or more questions your loyalty the first club you joined.

- Each club has different rules for becoming a member, but usually they like you to attend about three meetings, events, or a combination of both to show you truly are interested in attending.

- Once the club votes you in, pay their reasonable annual membership fee (my club asks for $25 a year for my husband and I)

- Attend events, make new friends, and have fun!

So how do you find a Corvette club to join?

- Well, it's easy. Here are a few suggestions on how to find a local Corvette Club:

- Ask around at places that would be involved with Corvette clubs, such as Chevrolet dealerships who often sponsor the clubs.

- Ask your local Chamber of Commerce.

- Talk to the National Corvette Museum who has partnerships with Corvette clubs across the world.

- Talk to the National Council of Corvette Clubs, one of the oldest clubs in the nation who has many relationships with Corvette clubs across the U.S.

- Check online. There are many places on the internet to connect with your local Corvette Club. Visit the Corvette Forum under the "Tools" section (), Club Corvette (), Corvette Club Listing () for starters.