The All New Scorpio hawk

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Mahindra and Mahindra, leading auto makers saw impressive raise in its sales with the launch of its Scorpio in the year 2002. The model was a huge success in terms of pricing, looks, and performance. M&M later upgraded this model with CRDe in the 2005 and the year 2006 saw a facelift and revived suspension with coil springs. And this time M&M has is out with its latest up gradation in engine wit 'mHawk'.

Every one knew the engine as 'Eagle' but it underwent a change in name to another bird of prey -Hawk for its better performance. The difference cannot be made between the old Scorpio and the newer one until you have driven. The Scorpio mHawk comes with 4 cylinders, 2.2 Liter engine producing 120bhp and torgue of 290 Nm. it gives the fuel economy of 12kmph and the upgraded version is currently available only with the VLX trim.
The mHawk's exterior is does not undergo any specific changes other than mHawk badge, graphics on body panels and a large front bonnet scoop. Other wise Scorpio still maintains the same road rugged looks and grille.

The new interiors look classy with new beige themes and new central bezel. The seats are comfortable and the middle row slides back to accommodate the potential basketball player. Available only in one variant and that is an eight-seater VLX trim. In terms of safety, Scorpio is equipped with ABS, tyre pressure & temperature monitoring sensors. .

It also has a smart feature for parking, fitted with camera allows the visibility behind the Scorpio in the parking mirror and alerts you with a beep when the obstacle is with in 100units. It also spoils you with cruise control mode. From the 2nd gear, once the speed limit crosses 40kmph, u can take off the control from the accelerator pedal and to adjust the speed you can press the button mounted on the steering by 0.5kmph. And to get back to the normal mode you can press the accelerator pedal.

Scorpio sales are booming up with demand for the vehicle and do not plan to replace atleast till 2010. When compared to the new Safari, it provides a smoother ride but as far as off-roading is concerned, Tata still stands ahead. Priced at Rs10, 68,724 at Rs, Scorpio VLx mHwak is available in Fiery black, Diamond white, Mist silver, Turf green.