Traffic Rules are Important Too

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The transport department of every city around the world is responsible for providing a smooth transport for public on roads. The responsibility includes not just clearing up traffic jams but also, controlling pollution, keep an account of registered and unregistered vehicles and collecting fines for flouting traffic rules.

But what is more alarming on Indian roads are road accident rates here. An accident survey estimated around 3, 00,000 accidents occur on Indian roads every year. When India is set to roll out many mini-cars in next 5 years, we have a shocking statistics too. It indicates over 80,000 people are killed on Indian roads while the total economic loss owing to road accidents is estimated to be over Rs. 3,600 crore. Should we not take these for consideration while tabling the talks on new cars flooding in the country?

Driving has already become a dangerous experience in India; most Indian roads have become death traps. Vehicles are ever-increasing with people. A Study says that in India and other parts of the world have indicated that negligent road-user behavior is the main factor in 65 percent of the accidents.

There are a few road safety tips that could be followed, to helping traffic cops and comers to have a smooth living.

Cell phone: No matter how important is the call, it can't be more important than a human life. More than an offence, it distracts the attention of driver, which is most dangerous. It's best to skip using cell phone while driving.

Seat belt: Though seat belts don't look much helpful, it actually a person from a grievous injury. Like in case of a sudden stop, driver may go forward and hit the steering wheel or windscreen and the same for everyone in your vehicle. Wearing seat belt may help you in such a case.

For your tiny toads: The back seat is the safest place for children.

To be doubly sure: Never miss to check the mechanical condition of your vehicles that include tires, hoses, fluid levels and batteries.

Last but not the least; don't drive under the influence of certain medications (always read the warning label on your medicine labels). Needless to say, drunken driving is surely an offence, not as much as it's an offence to you.