Know Driving Before Buying Your Car

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Recently International Tribune carried an article titled: Priorities in India: First buy a car, and then learn to drive. It caught attention as the headline is screaming of true Indian habit.
Now, buying car in India would be even easier. You may not even have to apply for a car loan, and frequent to bank with those hefty documents. One may just save for a few months, and buy those cheap mini-cars. Known as Chariot of Plastic too, but gained popularity as Nano. Tata Motors that pioneered the trend of people's car in India, and many would follow the trend now in next few years. India roads would only see cars, and fewer pedestrians.
Last year, 1.5 millions cars were sold here. By many car experts estimates, India is expected to drive past Chinese car market this year.
Looking at Indian roads, many a time one would feel most of car owners are not professionally trained. But one must know to drive before owning a car.
It is always recommended to get a professional driving instructions rather than being taught driving by friends or relatives. There's an advantage of being taught by driving school instructors, as they are trained to drive people. Also, they are equipped with dual-controlled cars; they know how to deal with nervous and hesitant drivers too.
"While we are requesting the government to set up a National Road Safety Board to improve safety, we believe that Maruti as the market leader, also has a role and so this initiative of setting up the Maruti driving schools across the country," said a Maruti official once long ago.
In 2006, to create new benchmark of safety, Maruti also opened driving schools in Kerala. To kick-start the pilot project, Maruti opened driving schools at Chandigarh, Bangalore and Kollam in 2005.
The Maruti Driving Schools have their training material prepared as per international standards. Apart from class classroom training, practical training and attitude training, the students would be first trained on simulator on which they can practice all car controls.