Using Water to Power Your Car

by : dennis james

Nowadays, with the raises in the petroleum prices it seems almost impossible to make all those trips you always wanted to make and not make your pocket suffer.

Unfortunately, things do not seem to be getting any brighter and most probably in the near future prices will continue to go up. With this kind of news, almost anybody is trying to look for a serious alternative to petroleum products, some people take a look at those electric cars (hybrid cars in most cases, which are great if you drive mostly within your city) and some people thought about water fuel rather than using any gas at all.

In order to keep petroleum prices from going up and everybody still having their precious cars it is very important that once a way of beating the system (meaning, once you found a way to go around the gas situation) it should be marketed and used as much as it can be used. Another unfortunate part is that petroleum reserves are beginning to be at low levels, and in just a few years, we will be facing a real crisis, and that is never good.

This is another reason for which water powered cars (for example) can be a real solution to these problems. Yet, as impressive as it may sound, using water to power your car is not even by far a completely new idea.

Actually, water energy has been used for the past 100 years with no problems at all, and I mean in the automotive sector. The device works rather easy in theory. You see, thanks to your car's electricity you can take a small amount of water (H2O) and transform it into a thing called Brown Gas, or HHO.

This conversion it is known to be a very efficient one because it provides a lot of energy and it is environment healthy because the result is nothing else but water, rather than the old-fashion petroleum result that releases a very unpleasant smoke that pollutes the whole atmosphere each and every day.

Alternative energy has been a problem on everybody's mind ever since petroleum products have gotten more and more expensive.

Actually, more and more people wondered if there is any way through which they can build an alternative combustion system, and the answer is yes, but with a lot of time, research, and not to mention useless expenses that you may not be willing to pay.

Yet, the solution with this Brown Gas (HHO) is that it will provide the hydrogen's atomic power but in the same time helps maintain the chemical stability of the water component.

The great part here is that, in a very amazing way a pound of brown gas is 2.7 times more powerful than one pound of gasoline. With converted vehicles HHO is a great solution for those interested in boosting their performance and also their MPG ratings.

Remember that it is very important for all of us to reduce or dependence of gasoline, because it will not only deplete the natural reserves but it will also create great economical crisis that will only lead to more and more conflicts between different countries.