3 Ways to Reduce Stress When Moving

by : Christine Harrell

Research shows that moving is one of the five most stressful events the average person faces. Although there is no such thing as a stress-free move, you can make the experience better with some assistance.

Get Help Moving

By "help moving" we don't mean your brother-in-law or that body-building friend from work. More people often hinder the move as everyone gets in the way. One truck can be loaded best by two people, maybe three if well-coordinated.

Hiring movers means your relocation will proceed more quickly. Loading boxes may not seem like much of a skill until you see professional movers do it. A good team can have you loaded in a fraction of the time you can do it yourself.

Stick with the big moving companies, not the "two guys with a truck and a six-pack" crowd in the classifieds. Although you may find a gem in the latter group, it's better to go with an experienced and insured organization.

Moving companies offer packing service which can be a mixed blessing. The biggest drawback is that you don't reduce clutter. It's amazing how many things that you've owned for years just aren't worth sticking in a box. By self-packing, a lot of the clutter ends up in the charity bin or the trash bin.

For Long Moves Use an Auto Transport Service

While looking for home movers, also consider car shipping.

An auto transport service will load your car onto a truck and ship it anywhere you might be bound. You don't have the stress of a cross-country drive. Instead you take a leisurely plane ride to your destination and everything is waiting for you when you arrive.

Stick with an auto transport company that provides door-to-door service rather than terminal service. Terminal service means your car is picked up then languishes in a storage yard until a truck is found heading in the right direction. During this time you have no use of the vehicle and no idea when it will arrive. Door-to-door service means the car is out of your hands for a shorter time.

Take a Vacation During the Move

Using movers and auto transport means your time is free to handle other details of the move like getting utilities hooked up and exploring your new neighborhood. There is no end to all the tasks associated with relocation.

If you are moving far away, there will be a gap of a couple of days between your rapid arrival by plane and your furniture and car's arrival by truck. Use this opportunity to check into a hotel and treat your family to an unexpected break.

Of course, these steps are going to make the move a bit more expensive than doing it all yourself. However your time is valuable. If you look at the hours you save, not to mention the gray hairs you avoid, you'll find it's well worth the price.